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...I would use last week as proof that I am cursed.


Here comes a story of my last week.

It begins when I notice that one of my HDs is running hotter than the others (observing temperature via DTemp tool, very handy) and then there's a bit odd lag spike when I browse for a file. "Weird," thinks I, "You know, I'll shut down my PC for the night. It is pretty hot right now and I don't want it to add more hotness to existing mess."

Next morning I start my desktop, and for a moment it looks like everything is good, and it is booting normally, Windows is chugging to a start and… the screen goes black and then it reboots spontaneously. What.

What happens next, is that it tells me that there's no bootable HD inside my computer. "Poop!" I said (no, I did not, it was more swear-y), and I checked the BIOS. The first HD was gone, gone, gone.

I tried to resurrect the system with checking the cables, but no amount of pushing and pulling and rebooting could coax the system to return online. "Poop x 2!"

Well, I was ready for this to happen, and that's why I had done the RAID array for my stuff, since I lost my secondary HD last year. Surely I can boot off from my other disk!


Of course not. Windows doesn't want you to confuse it and build a mirror of the boot to your RAID array. You have to go through lots of hoops to achieve that! Yeah, okay, I could do that. I totes can do that.

Now, where is my Windows 7 install DVD? And, oh, of course I need a new HD. Best to call my fave store so I can do a price check and see if I could get a discount and whatevs.

1) I cannot find my Windows 7 install DVD. It is not where it was supposed to be.
2) My fave store is out of 2 TB HDs. New delivery on Friday.

"Poop x 4!"

So I spend my Wednesday and Thursday turning my living room upside down and trying to find the DVD. I am about to give up when I finally spot my motherboard's boxes, tucked to a "good, safe place which is surely also in plain sight" and whaddaya know, there it is.

"Poop x 5!"

For some reason my living room still looks like a pack of wild orangutangs had been tearing through it.

Friday comes, and I go and pick up my new HD. My money stash is rapidly dwindling (I already had replace two batteries to an UPS unit and while cheaper than getting a new one, it wasn't cheap anyway). I decide to take a little nap and then eat some late, late, late lunch before I start messing with my computer.

At 3:45 pm, Friday, in the middle of vacation season (aka "Finland is closed because summer" season), I discover that a dental filling has fallen off my molar.

"POOP x 8,000!"

But, hey, I got my computer, and a new HD, so it is time to spring into action, right?

I go over the instructions of recreating a new boot partition to RAID, where one never existed. Uhhh... okay. Clearly, clarity is not what happens with Microsoft's help pages now and then. What if I just cloned my RAID partitions to new HD, and tried it there? You know, just to be safe.

I get Ultimate Boot CD for free cloning software and HD tools, and set to work. Um. Why is it telling me that I have only 1 TB of poop to clone over..? Surely I have more. You know what, no. This takes 20 hours or longer. I'll do a reinstall from scratch, at least this gives me a chance to fix some messes I made.

Into DVD-RW the install DVD goes! Should go smoothly, since it booted off CD so well, right?

Well, no. Actually, my DVD-RW is also dying. It keeps rejecting DVDs, and doesn't want to read them, unless I happen to catch it when both ISS and ghost of Sputnik are in the constellation of Virgo and I have pressed the power button just right.

"Poop x 8,100!"

I do a bit of "turn off PC, wait, turn on PC, insert DVD and wish that it starts reading, if not, take it out and start over" foreplay for ten minutes before it accepts the DVD. It starts… and it turns out that it absolutely detests and despises the new HD, even if it is the same sort of HD as all other HDs inside the system (now total of 4 HDs).

I sigh, and put UBCD back in and erase everything relevant from the new HD, then start power-button foreplay again and get the system booting. Yay, now I can make partitions.

What do you mean, you can't install there?

"Poop x 8,200!"

Fine, what now? Searching online gives precious little clues (even with that cryptic error message number, as the fix doesn't seem to work for me), and I'm tired and exhausted and there's tons of chopper noise from overhead because that stupid car race is in the city again.

In frustration, I shut down the system, tear out all the cables except the ones going to the new HD and do power-button play and boot.

Hey presto, install is go.

Cue headdesking.

It must be noted that the HD was in first SATA port, it was the first device on the bootable list, etc etc etc, but Windows install media had decided to randomly shuffle it around on a list of devices, and unless it is device #1, you can't install OS to it.

"Poop x 9,001!"

I'm just... just dead tired.
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Dancin' Coyote
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