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Content note: there will be couple of slurs used as an example. Horrible bigotry discussed. If this is triggering or not your cup of tea, pass the rant.

Precisely what kind of rant I need to write in order to drive through the point that, perhaps, some words shouldn't be used?

I'm talking about this.

Email That Pisses Me Off by Skiriki

"The Gypsies Are Rolling Into Town".



Dear PAs and people at DAZ, I don't know if you have any idea whatsoever, but the word "gypsy" is an ethnic slur, and a very bad at that as well. I'm going to write an example or two, and feel thoroughly soiled afterward:

"The Niggers Are Rolling Into Town."
"The Kikes Are Rolling Into Town."
"The Wogs Are Rolling Into Town."
"The Homos Are Rolling Into Town."


The last time Platinum Club had "Gypsy" items available, I sent a polite request to company that this is one of those words that should be retired from marketing, because it has hideous history of Othering an ethnic minority.

I'm talking about Holocaust-level of Othering, because holy shit, there was like this big badass shitlord who had a burr up his ass about racial purity and how some people should burn. And that's what he did, burned up lots and lots of innocent people.

Let's start unpacking the whole mess on many levels:

1) The word "Gypsy" is an ethnic slur.…

2) There is a very horrible history of Othering (… and bigotry (… and genocide ( -- for starters). Their children have been taken away from their homes, they have been forcibly sterilized... history is rife with this bigoted shit and indignities heaped on Roma.

3) Oh and... all of the shit mentioned above, by the way, is happening even today. Yes, there are people who are actually hankering to start a new genocide of Roma people.

Oh look, dated 9th of December, 2014:…

"Gas the Gypsies."…

The next page of the article: "The village is governed by the far-right Jobbik party which demands "birth control for gypsies" and is linked to one of the neo-Nazi militia groups that terrorized the Roma in Gyöngyöspata."

4) Turning Roma women into "Exotic Other", as noted in "fictional representations link" does have repercussions: one -- being members of a minority means they're not in a good position to report a crime, especially when stereotype paints them as criminal, and two -- because stereotypes portray them as lusty, seductive, sex-hungry wenches, the powers-that-be are even less inclined to believe claims of sexual harassment and rape than in case of majority population.

And why Roma women don't want to deal with the police that much, just one example of too many:…

5) Clothes worn by actual Roma rarely if ever actually resemble the stuff sold as "gypsy" clothes. Regional differences exist, so research what you're going to portray. Here's one example of Finnish Roma:… (sorry, only in Finnish).

As a final reminder, from the Antiziganism article:

"Americans are largely unaware of the stigma that surrounds Romani ancestry elsewhere in the world. Because the Roma population in the United States has assimilated quickly and Roma people are not often portrayed in US popular culture, the term "Gypsy" is typically associated with a trade or lifestyle instead of the Romani ethnic group. While many Americans regard ethnic costume offensive (e.g. blackface), many Americans continue to dress as gypsy characters for Halloween or other events. Additionally, some small businesses, particularly those in the fortune-telling and psychic reading industry, use the term "Gypsy" to describe themselves or their enterprise, despite having no ties to the Roma people.

While some scholars argue that appropriation of the Roma identity in the United States is explained by misperception and ignorance rather than anti-ziganism, Romani advocacy groups themselves decry the practice."

Published Artists, DAZ, all 3D content makers... please, please, please stop supporting this horrible and bigoted stereotype of "gypsies".
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